The Advantages of Foam Mortar in Building Construction

Tim Belajar Beton

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February 13, 2024
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Foam mortar or mortar foam is optimization of foam usage with high-strength mortar (sand, cement, and water), is proving to be an ideal foundation or road hardening solution for soft soil. 

This technology holds advantages as a substitute for earth embankments or sub-bases, typically utilized without requiring extensive land. It can be constructed vertically, eliminating the need for retaining walls and compaction tools, as it can compact on its own.

Furthermore, the use of foam mortar in construction offers additional benefits. What are they? 

Advantages of Foam Mortar Usage 

Foam mortar is a building material composed of a mixture of cement, sand, water, and a foaming agent. It possesses the characteristics of being lightweight, robust, and waterproof, making it a material with numerous advantages compared to other construction materials.

Here are some advantages of foam mortar:

1. Lightweight

One notable advantage of foam mortar usage is its lightweight nature. 

Mortar busa memiliki berat yang ringan di mana jenis maksimum 0,8 gr/cm3 untuk lapis base dengan UCS minimum 2.000 kPa atau 20 kg/cm2, serta massa jenis maksimum 0,6 gr/cm3 untuk lapis sub-base dengan UCS minimum 8.00 kPa atau 8 kilogram/cm2. 

This makes foam mortar an ideal material for embankments, reducing structural loads.

2. High Strength

Foam mortar exhibits excellent water resistance. It is an ideal material for use in wet areas such as swimming pools and basements.

3. Cost and Time-Efficient Construction

Another advantage of this technology is its ability to save costs by up to 60–70 percent. Not only does foam mortar save costs, but it is also more efficient in terms of construction time compared to conventional methods (up to 40%).

4. Environmentally Friendly

Foam mortar's environmental friendliness is another advantage, as it uses fewer construction materials, especially natural resources.

5. Can Be Used Without Requiring Extensive Land

Foam mortar can serve as a substitute for earth embankments or sub-bases without requiring extensive land. It can be constructed vertically without the need for retaining walls and compaction tools, making it suitable for approach roads in construction of flyover or bridge

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